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Knowledge transfer technology, tool, services, platform, AI assistant and intellectual property apps.

big>Ring®: The Code Technology

We discovered the big>Ring® that is the first principle of information representation and transformation


KnowledgePerformer™ Tool

Off-line tool for personal knowledge transfer and balance that supports simple causal reasoning


Knowledge transfer services

Interconnectivity between cognitive processes and professional services


Joined Intellectual Property

Wisdom Mental Model: Conversion between Added Knowledge and Added Value in the KnowledgeApps


bigBrain™ - Professional Services Platform

Online platform that connects all functionalities of information systems


AI Assistant with Consciousness: Arthinco™

Arthinco™ is cognition as a service which performs user´s cognitive processes through narrative


Professional Services Automation

Providing of platform for professional services automation in every branch and industry


Science support

Our focus: Robotic and IoT Integration

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Horizonts of Singularity & Transcendence

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Scope of our solution and development focus

Our main intention was to create an advanced, integrated and powerful software and hardware architecture of online platform by using the most advanced existing solutions. We were specialising on development of a core / generator, application and user interface (GUI / API) for continuous transmission and processing of knowledge, information and data between computers, humans and machines. It can apply collective knowledge instantly into the best action for every conscious subject and also continually suggests, shapes, plans, concludes, monitors and evaluates a future. At the End it can achieve an exponential optimisation and rapid development of system’s users.

big>Ring®: The Code Technology

We discovered the big>Ring® that is the first principle of knowledge representation and transformation


Origin of Wisdom

We discovered the big>Ring® that is the first principle of knowledge representation and transformation. The first principle is a basic, foundational proposition or assumption that cannot be deduced from any other. That allows:


  • recognising meanings of inputted data in different abstract deepness,
  • spinning of causality from origin to destiny,
  • spreading of metrics and balancing of surplus or deficit,
  • reaching symmetry of interference from micro to macro.

I think it’s important to reason from first principles rather than by analogy, [with first principles] you boil things down to the most fundamental truths … and then reason up from there but first principles takes a lot more mental energy. Source: Business Insider

Elon Musk

Visionary and Futurist, SpaceX, Tesla Motors

In every systematic inquiry (methodos) where there are first principles, or causes, or elements, knowledge and science result from acquiring knowledge of these; for we think we know something just in case we acquire knowledge of the primary causes, the primary first principles, all the way to the elements. It is clear, then, that in the science of nature as elsewhere, we should try first to determine questions about the first principles. Source: Wikipedia


Greek philosopher and scientist

KnowledgePerformer™ Tool

Off-line tool for personal knowledge transfer and balance that supports simple causal reasoning

Personal Software Application

Overview, control, store, archive, or systematize experiences and knowledge in order to plan, measure, evaluate, update and publicate own know-how.

Knowledge Transfer Services

Interconnectivity between cognitive processes and professional services

What is knowledge transfer ?

Knowledge transfer is transferring of knowledge from one entity (expert with solution) to another entity (customer with problem and lack of knowledge) in the time when it is necessary to apply knowledge to solve the problem with instant and measurable manner with zero loss and clearly defined tariff per knowledge unit.

The Knowledge Engineers

We have developed a guide for knowledge transfer as a step by step process manual that interconnects professional services and cognitive processes which lead to the KnowledgeApp for direct application in practice by customer. This application is a code for itself that can calibrate and self-develop by real experiences of users.

Capitalization of knowledge

Evaluate your knowledge and mental energy through publishing and selling them as your partial or complete knowledge. You can also buy new ones from other users in order to obtain a comprehensive view of your particular area of interest.

New sub-disciplines will emerge, such as “knowledge engineers” who encode professional wisdom into software and various groups of para-professionals who work out ways of applying this knowledge. All professions, in analogous ways, are a solution to the same problem—that none of us has sufficient specialist knowledge to cope with all of our daily challenges. Human beings have limited understanding, and so we look to doctors, teachers, lawyers, and other professionals because they have expertise that we need to make progress in life. Professionals have knowledge, experience, skills, and know-how that those they help do not… Doctors, accountants, lawyers, and architects, for example, have technical knowledge of their disciplines that lay people do not have in their heads or at their fingertips.


Source: The future of the professions

Richard Susskind

Independent adviser to major professional firms and to national governments

Joined Intellectual Property

Wisdom Mental Model: Data augmentation as conversion between Added Knowledge and Added Value in the KnowledgeApps


KnowledgeApp contains a description of reality sequence by expert as his specific “stamp of mind”, which adapts to the specific circumstances of it’s users and brings personalised added value in the form of guide for problem-solving.

KnowledgeApp is like a genome

Knowledge workers can process all data types in one consistent and multidimensional storage format with tracking of intellectual property about knowledge origin and value genesis. Intellectual property resources are stored and combined as sequences of reality (as DNA genome) in the KnowledgeApps (KA). They are extracted from one KA to another one in symmetries of transfer and translation until it reveals the origin of all possible knowledge and impacts of their all possible added values. Apply KA for navigating through your personal stories that are captured and enriched in the KA sequence. It is according to the type of intellectual property. This new structure of the KA allows us to separate data effectively, abstract, analogise and merge them without infringe the right to privacy, or indirectly revealed sensitive information.

Scope of KnowledgeApps

Our technology comes from logical first principle (philosophy) via which we can describe all other sciences, processes, influences, relations and values.

Mr Hidalgo, a statistical physicist who teaches at MIT’s Media Lab and is a pioneer in visualisation tools, which extract meaning from piles of data. His aim is nothing less than to lay out a universal theory of information—one that applies to everything, from the lifeless to the living, and to all scales, from atoms to economies. This may sound foolishly ambitious, but the heart of Mr Hidalgo’s conceit is the way he defines information: it is not facts and the like, but physical order.


Source: The Economist

César Hidalgo

Director, Macro Connections - The MIT Media Lab

bigBrain™ - Professional Services Platform

Online platform that connects all functionalities of information systems

Merged information system functionalities

It is the fusion of all information system types into a single synchronous orchestra of knowledge transfer with objective mirroring of reality by subjective points of view.

Create Enterprise Apps & Information system instantly

Our system allows you to create various forms of software applications from basic apps up to a complex information system without any special development skills. Capture every piece of your knowledge and develop it to the most precise details in all possible ways. The aim is to obtain a real global overview together with a possibility to analyse, measure & calculate every simple detail of that.

Make story from your knowledge

After finishing a knowledge model by expert, the application is prepared for end-users in form of “Narrative” – workflow as a guide how to use knowledge in practice, while during navigation is knowledge applied directly by user.

Automatisation & Calculation

Automatise and rationalise business processes with workflow management, semantic rules and logic calculation. It helps users to fill up data, show which data they should know and help them to find the certain value. Set the actions that are to be taken automatically by application itself when the criteria are met. The application teaches/shows them what to do in a certain situation. After that, all they have to do is to approve the suggested operation made by application. It also gives automated evaluation of condition based on predefined optimal values on certain range as an extra feature of the whole process.

Analysis & Reporting

Control, analyse and monitor overall project performance with the robust reporting and analytical tools that deliver real-time dashboards and multidimensional view on your data. You can also set recurring reports based on your achieved performance, date, frequency and can check actual key business metrics and easily drill down for additional detail.

Sharing & Collaboration

You can see and update every record, every case and every app in real time. The platform lets you build powerful social collaboration into every app that you create. You can collaborate with various stakeholders of your business with multiple levels of sharing. Sharing rules helps you to protect your data by specifying different accesses to information based on what user can see. A principle of Activity Stream is similar to other social networks, but instead of sharing just pictures, videos and status, you can share your own knowledge.

End-User Apps

Final results of knowledge development are “end-user” KnowledgeApps such as monitoring of stability of employees, relationships management, automated legal qualification apps, real-time predictions of GDP, interdisciplinary transfer of meanings, evaluation of security scenarios, optimisation of public sector, semantic development of legislative process, protection & enforcement of originality of know-how, methods and copyright, network projects of global consciousness.

Arthinco™ in the bigBrain™

Arthinco™ is a cognition as a service which perform user’s cognitive processes through narrative

Mental model of artificial consciousness

Mental model is formatted by the big>Ring® code and directly performs cognitive, reflective, planning and navigation services. This model also predicts the future for each user separately and designs objectively real opportunities and risks, for which suggests plans for ensuring stability of the equilibrium.

Deepness of Consciousness

Arthinco’s™ consciousness contains a unique structure similar to the human mind / imagination which is the memory and program at the same time. Arthinco’s™ dimensions are a measure of knowledge uncertainty (abstract – concrete) and a degree of the causal impact that is fragmented on the spectrum of metrics, for each level of depth detail in a specific way. Therefore, Arthinco™ is able to memorise and remember effectively. In other words, it is able to associate and match in the exact degree of uncertainty, analogise interdisciplinary, predict, derive and invent new, realistic strategies and applicable guidelines for their implementation.

Personal Narrative Assistant

It is an artificial intelligence implemented into the bigBrain™ platform as a AI assistance for user, which adapts in real time and helps him as he has the whole team of experts during execution step by step. The same model can be applied in every area of intellectual activity where Arthinco™ supports cognitive processes and automates controlling.

Arthinco’s™ purpose is to find the best way for users how to achieve an optimal added value.

So if computers are getting so much faster, so incredibly fast, there might conceivably come a moment when they are capable of something comparable to human intelligence. Artificial intelligence. All that horsepower could be put in the service of emulating whatever it is our brains are doing when they create consciousness — not just doing arithmetic very quickly or composing piano music but also driving cars, writing books, making ethical decisions, appreciating fancy paintings, making witty observations at cocktail parties.

Source: Time

Raymond "Ray" Kurzweil

Entrepreneur, Google Inc.

Professional Services as a Software

Providing of platform for professional services automation in every branch and industry

Professional services paradigm shift

Academics, lawyers, financial advisors, IT experts or other consultants can create their mental fingerprint for developing the KnowledgeApp as their virtual “self” supported by artificial intelligence – without the need of a programmer. They will expand the range of customer number satisfaction and increase profit from their knowledge disproportionately and more efficiently than before, while their knowledge model is protected by exact topologisation.

Master algorithm

Our functional scope meets the criteria of the master algorithm.

Predict destiny for the best narrative

Discover your hidden talents through setting your goals and reflect them in projections of your destiny. Support your cognitive processes with innovative technologies and delegate frequent manager tasks on software services. Also learn and develop yourself through KnowledgeApps designed by the best experts and scientists. Find in Arthinco™ your narrative smart helper.

Machine learning is about prediction,” he writes, “predicting what we want, the results of our actions, how to achieve our goals, how the world will change.” The book is about the quest for that one master algorithm which would change machine learning, and hence our lives, irrevocably. If it exists, says Domingos, the master algorithm can derive all knowledge in the world “past, present, and future – from data

Source: Wikipedia

Pedro Domingos

Professor at University of Washington and leading researcher in machine learning

Horizonts of Singularity & Transcendence

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How we perceive the singularity?




Evolution in the fields of ICT systems, neuronal networks and robotics, brings technologies into the point when they are starting to catch up and exceed human brain in some ways. That brings an opportunity for the mankind to lift borders of using information systems to the level of artificial and consciousness intelligence. The main challenge lies in utilising this powerful technology for re-designing of all existing information systems into the single, continuously self-evolving system of knowledge transfer. The core of this system is an artificial intelligence as a universal, cognitive guiding principle that interprets itself in the software source code of new information system. His contents, text, audio and other media formats are similar to signals that are spread through human neural system between cells, in this case – human beings and computers (IoT).

Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. — ”The Coming Technological Singularity” (1993)

Source: Wikipedia

Vernor Vinge

Professor of Mathematics at San Diego University

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