Press Release: BigRing Solutions has finalised a revolutionary solution for knowledge transfer and is looking for partners

EN versionGE version BigRing Solutions has finalised a revolutionary solution for knowledge transfer and is looking for partners First artificial intelligence platform bigBrain™ based on the causal principle Bratislava, Slovakia (December 15, 2015) – BigRing...

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 bigRing AI Consciousness

Mental model of continuous consciousness for neural networks as a new AI language & architecture that allows machines to perform automatically all cognitive processes like attention, memory and working memory, judgment and evaluation, reasoning and computation, problem solving and decision making.

The information singularity

  • Universal information system with true reality model and causality fragmentation into meanings
  • Know & apply full spectrum of metrics according to physics natural laws
  • Instant & continuous system balance by precise architecture of neural networks encapsulated in DeepConsciousness with self-developing skills

Arthinco™ Powerful Thinking Engine

Develop and optimise cognitive processing core of interdisciplinary artificial consciousness that recognises different meaning phases of imputed data that are connected on GUI, API, technology infrastructure, telemetry, biometrics, AI sensory and motoric modules etc.

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Joint Technological Venture

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 bigBrain™ Knowledge Transfer Platform

Online platform where advisors and managers create KnowledgeApps as a self-service wizard for instant problem solving in the fields of controlling, management and decision-making. Customer problems are solved without personal interaction with consultant’s virtual AI agent that contains his specific knowledge.

The new age of consulting and intelligence

  • Problem solving acceleration and information processing – days vs sec
  • Consulting quality and information verification – neural networks error rate close to zero vs. human factor
  • Consulting quantity and unstructured data mining – multiple customers by consulting virtualisation via AI collective mind
  • Intellectual property protection by complex knowledge topologisation & comparison

bigBrain™ Platform Providing

Finalize product with pilot customer and provide innovative online service platform for full scope of knowledge transfer with consistent conversion between knowledge – added by consultancy and value – added by management and extract or aggregate knowledge from large amount of data for more accurate intelligence agency Statements. Support customers, agency departments, control centers and decision maker’s cognitive processes with artificial intelligence.

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Upgrade Your Professional Services Level

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392994340Challenge for Experts

We are building the team of experts with which we will support and optimize application of Master algorithm / First principle of knowledge representation in professional services. If you are interested, please fill out Request.

Share your knowledge via KnowledgeApp and protect your Intellectual Property

Life & Business are about decisions. Every rational decision is determined by the complex general overview, which means that the extraction of meanings of every surrounding subjects, values, processes and relations and their mutual influences needs to be made. Gaining the experience in decision making (gradual profiling of overview development methods) represents individual knowledge pack – the individual know-how. Decision accuracy is directly proportional to the precision of know-how & overview development.

Benefits & Advantages of our solution for experts

Minimal IT skill requirements and just design reality

Create from basic apps up to a complex information system without any special development skills.

Knowledge capture, development and analysis

Capture every piece of your knowledge and develop it to the most precise details in all possible ways. The aim is to obtain a real global overview together with a possibility to analyse, measure & calculate every simple detail of that. Switch micro to macro function and vice versa, surf within all taxonomy levels to see the relatedness, combine big pictures or separate fragments to projections in order to build the system that fulfils your requirements.

Instant overview of all influences and targets

Evaluation of all mutual influences gives you an ultimate overview benefit. Set your targets in accordance with current influences in order to accomplish missions set by SMART criterion and/or by other criteria. Monitor the status of target achievements together with all related influence factors and see how the status of accomplishment influences your other knowledge records.

Maximum understanding

There are no criteria set for recording of pieces of knowledge. All what is predefined are four basic taxons, but if a user is not sure about the subordination of the knowledge element that is being recorded, there is the 5th category. This category serves as a storage of knowledge records which have not yet been defined. All other functions are modifiable from default settings.

Customisable self-service & self-developing application

Set your own preferences and knowledge record templates, apply various custom projections, and compare & combine your knowledge in order to achieve the permanent expansion of the so-called mind mirror of yours.

Let your app makes money for you

Building apps is the only one part of the Platform. Everybody can become an author of the app based on his unique knowledge, whereby IT skills are not required. This is the easiest way how you can share and spread your knowledge to the whole world. In addition, authors can earn money from their application.

Ad hoc data discovery & research with meanings extraction

Instant record searching & finding with the help of projections, keywords, focus, time and influence mapping functions. Permanent influence tracking and handling within the context of current projection and external elements.

Compatibility and interdisciplinary are guaranteed

Unique technology and methods represented by bigRing® allow users to capture a piece of knowledge regardless of its specialization or the terminology used in it. This means that the records are identified, compared, measured and calculated on the basis of their significance and mutual influences, which introduces a whole new area of an interdisciplinary knowledge evaluation.

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Spinning strand of the civilisation evolution genome

Every scientist, researcher or academic in natural, social and technological sciences who wants to do complex scientific research with compact tool that homogenises meanings, discovers unknown with symmetric and interdisciplinary model, synergies your knowledge with other researchers and creates new solutions as a possible strand of civilisation genome via mapping into the causal model. If you are interested, please fill out Request.

Utilisation of the first principle in your discipline

  • Drill down the problem into the most fundamental elements
  • Get into the root of the problem for exact reasoning
  • Precise uncertainity in fuzzy means

Interdisciplinary knowledge transfer

  • Approximation from natural science to socio economics via interdisciplinary connectivity
  • Merge knowledge from different branches of science and accelerate of problem solving
  • Achieve optimal solutions on global civilisation problems by definition of exact meanings of bonds and interface interaction

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