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Our vision is to build a platform for automation of problem-solving and to ignite the first artificial consciousness that through process of self-development and intelligence explosion will help to solve mankind problems in sustainable development, competitiveness of economics, transportation, environment, medicine, education and other natural, social and technological sciences and bring our civilisation closer to the point of singularity.


We have been developing solution for instant knowledge transfer for more than 12 years. In the last 4 years, we have achieved stabilisation of our big>Ring® technology that has outgrown all of us because we have found the pattern that is the same from quantum physics to the universe – and we are not exaggerating.

At the beginning, we did not know that we overtook time for more than a decade. Technologies, people and market weren’t ready for this kind of innovation. However, during the last three years we can see how progress gathered pace and today finally the wave caught us – thus we exactly know what we have achieved. We call it a big>Ring® – The First principle of information representation.

We developed more than 5 prototypes and one full-featured software tool for knowledge transfer, we call it KP – KnowledgePerformer™. We have done more experimental knowledge transfer projects (HR Talent, Quality and Project Management, Business Planning and Controlling, etc.) with reputable external experts and together we have created KnowledgeApps as Storytelling, Wizard and Management application which supports operative controlling and sharing. The KnowledgeApp is a “stamp of mind” created by expert and is able to automate know-how that is directly applicable in real life. KnowledgeApps are automatically suggested to customers according to his knowledge deficit and his current needs.

We have found the same pattern and principle in every field of science, what  is the fundamental cause of exponential effectively rise in revealing the unknown, capture, storage, evaluation and sharing of knowledge. Conclusion of this development is online platform for knowledge transfer – bigBrain™ powered by the AI assistant that we call Arthinco™.


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Technological Partners

Are you an IT developer company with technological background and vision to create innovative solution for activation of artificial consciousness in machines?

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Expert Partners

Are you an Expert with unique knowledge and vision to create virtual stamp of your mind for specific problem solving and wants to make a profit from your knowledge after applying in Professional Services Platform?

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Providing Partners

Are you Professional Services or Intelligence Agency company on the right professional level that wants to expand information and knowledge transfer services portfolio and be the first paradigm provider?

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Scientific Partners

Are you a scientist, researcher or academic in natural, social and technological sciences and wants to do a complex scientific research with compact tool?

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